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THings Fall Apart Essay, Research Paper

?No Government Could Long Subsist without the Compliance of the People?

Government now days if you look at it is run by the people. Senators and House of Reps. play off what people want to get elected, then after they get into office some get right to work, while others go into offices and procrastinate. Governments that rule without the peoples voice are always having revolts or their in some kind of financial trouble. It?s almost like being run by a dictator, because you could be put in jail for speaking out against the government.

If you look at other countries, then look at our country and you will see why they call us lucky. U.S.A. gives people the freedom to be their own person no matter what the circumstances. In America you have the freedom of speech, dress , and most importantly religion. That will explain the reason our country is so diverse. We have some many different cultures that if you don?t go out and explore the different customs of each culture, then you?ll always see them as weird people because you don?t know what they?re doing whatever there doing it for. Now days government can?t be run in the interest of the people, unless the people have a voice in the mix of things going on. That?s my opinion on the statement presented to me.

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