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Myths Essay, Research Paper

Is Information Technology a good thing?

With the invention of the silicon chip, fiber optic cable and satellite communications the information superhighway is real. This global network of computers makes it possible to move massive amounts of information virtually anyplace. This information revolution has changed our lives for ever. By pressing a key we can now get information on demand anytime, any place.

Before the industrial revolution most people worked in some kind of agricultural job. During this time communications were done on paper or by word of mouth. As the industrial revolution hit, technology was used to develop machines like the typewriter, telephone, and eventually the computer to handle the administration of the factories. As we enter into the Information Age, society is now very dependent on information storage and communication.

Most of us use some form of information technology almost on a daily basis, wether its checking e-mail, sending a fax or using an automatic teller machine. For quit a few of us it would be hard for us to imagine life without these things.

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