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Raves Essay, Research Paper


Many people ask, what is a rave? When attempting to analyze the rave culture, people must recognize that raves are a highly personal experience. Descriptions of raves are basically one person s opinion. Aside from that, a rave is basically an all night party where people have the most incredible time. People become one with the music. Raves are pretty much all about the music, the vibe and the people. Ravers would say, “you feel so many different emotions all at the same time.” Many adults who criticize the rave scene only acknowledge that raving is all about the drugs, violence and loud music. But many things perceived about the rave scene are not always truthful. To prove this, the topics that will be discussed are things that contribute to the rave scene: where and when raves originated, the DJs, the music and the dancing, the people, and the drugs. Hopefully after reading this people will have a better understanding of the rave culture and learn to respect it

The rave scene began in England and in Germany in late 1987 and early 1988. It was referred to as the rave movement . In the early 1990 s, it traveled across the Atlantic into cities such as Chicago and Detroit. American DJs who experienced raves in Europe brought the scene to North America, wanting to share the incredible experience. The rave scene grew in North America in 1993 and 1994. At the same time this fresh, underground idea was being introduced in the North Western Hemisphere, it was becoming more and more commercial in Europe.

Today the rave scene is nearing its peak. The best DJs around are at their peaks, making thousands and thousands of dollars for a two-hour set. They are the ones that make raves the most incredible experience, and are considered – god-like figures – amazing in every way. DJs put people into a trance, where they are in their own worlds, dancing to six-foot high speakers that kick out killer tunes and bass that blows a raver away.

The music is probably the most important thing to the majority of the people. It inspires people. To a raver, by simply listening to a record or a CD, it uplifts them, putting them in a better state of mind and clearing their head; all they think about are the inspiring melodies and the phat bass. There are so many different genres of rave music. There are melodic, soulful and hypnotic trance music on one side – and then on the other side theres hardcore music, which is loud, and hard-pumping. As with everything there is a medium. However, there are too many different genres to list. At raves there is usually a variety of different genres. Each is dedicated to a room. So basically if a raver like’s house they ll go to the house room with all the other people who love house . Along with the music comes the dancing, again with many styles. When a raver dances to drum and bass , it is very different that from dancing to disco house . Even within one genre of music there are many different styles of dancing. Essentially, the way someone dances is up to him or her. Generally, people are very stylistic. It really doesn t matter how they dance – they won t be judged – all that matters is that they are having a good time groovin to the music.

The people attending the rave scene are also very significant. They are the ones that give off vibes. Ravers are a unique crowd. The rave scene is one of individualism. People don t care about what others think. Everyone is accepting. The minds of ravers is basically a come as you are one. Aside from the individuality there are some similarities. Ravers are typically between the ages of 17-25. The fashion is probably the most obvious aspect of the rave culture. There is a definite style. However, every raver has his or her personal touch. Raving is not an all the time culture. Of course there are those people, aside from the DJs and promoters, who simply go from rave to rave and try to sell tee shirts to make money. Yet most ravers are average people trying to escape from their daily lives. Raving for most people is a temporary and separate activity. The people at raves are pretty much all family – accepting and loving. They care for those around them and make sure that everyone is having the time of their life.

Unfortunatly all good things must have some bad things and the rave scene is like other things. It has some negative aspects; however, there is one that is extremely bad. It is the D-word, DRUGS. Drugs play a very significant role in the rave scene. They have been a part of the scene since the very beginning. That’s not saying that everyone at raves must be high to have a good time, but it is saying that drugs are very present at raves. Anyone saying otherwise is a liar. Raves are ways of changing the state of mind for a human being, bringing them into a different plane of existence. This pretty much goes hand-in-hand with psychedelic drugs. Originally, the main drug used was marijuana. However, today harsh drugs are being used, primarily MDMA, or Ecstasy, LSD and Meth. This aspect of raves is what gives them the really bad reputation among many adults and pretty much society in general who believe that people should dish raves because of this one bad thing.

In conclusion we must not rule out raves. They are part of our culture and society. It has been with us since the late 1980’s and will continue to grow as our society grows. Now in the twentieth century, raves will probably continue to grow more popular across the world as people become more exposed and educated with the rave scene. And when people learn more of something and its positive effects it brings, they will learn to cherish it instead of hate it . The rave scene widens people s horizons; it has widen mine.

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