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Chivalry was probably most recognizable quality of Beowulf. If anything, Beowulf

had great respect for his king. He loved him and honored him with all his heart.

If asked to do anyhting by the King. Beowulf would accept with pride, Whn the

King died, it was Beowulf that was asked to take over. But with Beowulf’s

chivalry, he declined because the King’s son was the rightful heir. With time,

Beowulf did become King, but with his honor towards chivalry, he was looked up

to by all of his people. Most people would have easily accepted the throne if

asked, but Beowulf was strong with his belief towards chivalry expresssed his

beliefs and proved his heroism. The Seafarer isn’t so much of a

"manly" piece of literature but it still deals with the same theme

that exists in Beowulf and the wanderer, Passages like, "Hunder and

hardship’s heaviest burdens."( the Seafarer, line 3) "Fast to the deck

my feet were frozen, gripped by the cold?.and hunger’s pangs" show us

that we have to be tough and courageous on the ocean to make it on this earth.

The seafarer doesn’t deal so much with men overcoming enemies but instead shows

the expierence of an aged sailor versus the excitement and ambition of a young


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