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Computer Engineering Essay, Research Paper

Computer Engineering

Andrew Winegarner

Ms. Lee

English 3-4, Block 2


Andrew Winegarner

Ms. Lee

English 3-4, Block 2

11 November 1999

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is a relatively new field of

engineering and is one of the fastest growing fields today.

Computer engineering is one of today?s most technologically

based jobs (Basta 71).The field of computer engineering

combines the knowledge of electrical engineering and

computer science to create advanced computer systems.

Computer engineering involves the process of designing

and manufacturing computer chips processors, memory systems,

central processing units, and of peripheral devices .

Computer engineers work with CAD(computer aided design)

programs and different computer languages so they can create

and program computer systems (Gelenter 82). Computer

engineers use today?s best technology to create tomorrow?s.

Computer engineers require a high level of training and

intelligence to be skilled at their job. A bachelors degree

from a college or university with a good computer

engineering program computer science program is necessary

(Basta 71). Then once employed their usually is a on the job

type of training program to learn the certain types of

systems that will be designed and manufactured.

Computer engineers major studies conventional

electronic engineering, computer science and math in

college. The electrical engineering knowledge that a

computer engineer possesses allow for a understanding of the

apparatus that goes into a computer so that they can be

designed and built (UCSD 2). The computer science part gives

a engineer much needed wisdom on how software makes a

computer system run and perform tasks.

There are a few different types of employers computer

engineers could work for today. The first is for a major

computer company actually designing whole computer systems

for say Compaq or Macintosh. Then their are the type that

works for computer components such as peripheral systems and

microchips such as Intel (Gelenter 90). Then their are the

engineers that design everyday electronic components such as

bank machines and cell phones.

The job outlook of computer engineering is very good.

More and more computer systems are being created every day

and the demand for computer engineers is just going to keep

on growing (UCSD 1). For example Chris Kolnik (who is

studying to become a computer engineer) says that their is

no end in sight to the growth the computer industry.

Some advantages of being a computer engineer is that

you use your creativity when working on a project and can

express yourself through the computer. Another advantage is

the good pay, it is one of the highest paying fields

straight out of college. Their are some disadvantages also

like working at a computer all day and being inside the

whole time. Another disadvantage is working on the same

project for a long time and that can get boring sometimes if

you don?t have a lot of patients.

I want to be a computer engineer cause I think that

computers are very interesting machines and they are the

wave of the future. I also like programming computers and

making computer games and so forth. I would like to be a

computer engineer mainly cause I want to do something on the

cutting edge of technology and computers are the way to go.

Basta, Nick. Careers in High Tech. Illinois: NTC

publishing group, 1992.

Gelenter, David. Machine Beauty. New York: Basic Books

publisher, 1998.

N/A. ?Electronic and computer Engineering.? UCSD. 1999

http://www.ece.UCSD.edu (Oct 20 1999)

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