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Whats the big idea?

Ray Bradbury had a grim outlook for the future. In his book everything that could go wrong in the future, did. People rarely left their houses. They where ruled by technology. There was a loss of communication between human beings, since everyone was molded to think and act the same way. No one had their own opinion. Everyone acted like a robot.

The big idea displayed in the book, Fahrenheit 451, was lack of communication. People cant survive if there is no communication going on. Everyone was brainwashed by all the technology that they rarely had time to talk. When they did talk, it was meaningless. Everyone agreed with each other, no one had their own opinion. People didn’t express themselves.

?None of these books agree with each other.? This quote was said by Beatty. Beatty had just finished coating all the books in a house with kerosene. Beatty was going to begin to burn the books, but a lady was still inside the house. The lady wouldn’t leave the house. She just stood over all her kerosene soaked books. Beatty tried to get her out, but she stayed inside. The lady then went into the kitchen and lit a match, which burned herself and he books.

This quote shows us how brainwashed everyone in Fahrenheit 451 is. Beatty thinks that everything in life should agree with one an other. Beatty has never expressed any of his own ideas, he just says what he is told. The government was the puppeteer, and the people where the puppets in this book. The government possessed absolute power.

A phrase i heard that reminds me of this book, was, absolute power, absolutely. This is basically what happened in Fahrenheit 451. The government tried to control everything people did, and they failed. The city was destroyed in Fahrenheit 451. You need to let people express themselves, that’s what keeps people happy.

?No, Millie, No! Wait! Stop it, will you? You don’t know… stop it!? This quote was said by Montag. He said this when Millie tried to incinerate one of his books. Montag showed Mildred one of the books he had stolen. To Mildred this book was pure evil. Milded wanted that book burned.

I felt as though the people in this book were like the computer opponents you play in video games. The computer opponents do what they are programmed to do and nothing else. This is how everyone acted in Fahrenheit 451. Whatever they were told, they did. People who are like this always end up losing in the end. Most of the people like this ended up dying in their city.

?What do people want in this country, above all? people want to be happy…? This was said by Mildred to Montag. She was basically explaining what people wanted in life overall. People want to have fun. People want to live a pleasurable life. The government gave the people what they thought was a great life.

The idea of conformity is displayed in this quote. Everyone was living their same ?happy? lives. In Ray?s future, people are basically dough when they are born, then they are cut to their shape and that is what they are. This is a recipe for disaster as displayed by the ending of the book.

I would not be able t live in a future like this. I am one of those people who always states his opinion. I like having friendly arguments with my friends about different things. To me your ideas are the only thing that makes you different. Without ideas we are all the some boring people. As Ray showed, a world like this would not survive. People will only be happy when they can be free. Lets hope our future doesn’t turn into something like this.

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