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MUST A JUROR’S MIND BE EMPTY TO BE OPEN?This article is about a concept of choosing the 12 jurors. In any case, jurors always play important roles in the court since they are the people who will come up with a verdict. Because of this, people believe that when the jurors are chosen for a certain trial, they must be aware of that case and know what is going on in that case. It is not necessary to be rich or well educated, but they must judge their decision base on the evidence and belief beyond the reasonable doubt. The Oklahoma City bombing trail is an example from the article. In such an important case, it is extremely hard to find the jurors who are suitable for the case and know all the situations of what they are dealing with. As mentions in the article, the 12 jurors of this important trail must know what happened in the Oklahoma City bombing well. For example, they must know there are scenes such as bleeding children, or dying people. These 12 jurors can’t mix emotions to determine the verdict but the actual facts presented. Otherwise, they won’t come up with a justice verdict since they know nothing about the case. Jurors minds should always be open and willing to listen to both agreements.

I personally agree with this debate in the concept of choosing the 12 jurors. In order to have a good verdict for a certain trial, I think the jurors must know the case well and be aware of it. One good example from the article is the case in California. In this computer industry trial, when the judge asked the jurors what is computer software?, they absolutely know nothing about it. This obviously tells us that these jurors won’t come up with a justice verdict since they are the ignorance of the case.

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