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Animal 2 Essay, Research Paper


Should humans be able to have a choice if they would like an experimentally procedure? I feel that yes- humans can use animals’ organs transported into them for medical research! We have come along ways on our research of organs transplants between animals; but of course the monkey is similar to humans but it is not exactly like it. I feel it’s great they are trying it to see if their laboratory tests were really accurate or not. All the scientists are finally being able to test their results and really think how neat it is to been able to finally found a way to prolong life. The only negative thing is that humans will then start living longer, and we will have to devour a plan so overpopulation does not happen throughout the world. Animal organ transplants into humans is a human medical breakthrough!

Who should be eligible to be a medical case study for animal organ transports? I feel that anyone who wants to be a case study individual should be able to do so. Some of the people that really needed for individual case studies are AIDS victims, diabetic people, and various other illnesses. For example, Jeff Getty, who has AIDS, had to battle to have a chance to try an experiment with baboon’s bone-marrow transplant for many years. Getty finally had the procedure done in December 1995, after a very long waited time, but no one had a choice to try it yet. Getty is so far has had no complications due to the baboon’s bone-marrow transplant procedures. Animal organ transplants should be openly available to everyone.

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