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We as Canadians watch movies on a weekly basis. On average, most people rent videos or attend the local movie theatre to attend and view the latest film. However, Canadians are not aware that they have become desensitized to the global Americanization of the U.S. film industry, which has been turned strong by Hollywood. It is evident to say that Canadians have lost touch with their own cultural heritage when it comes to the films of their industry. The majority of the Canadian minds perceive the Canadian filmmaking style to be more abstract with their darker and distributing sense of vision and originality. If the Canadian film industry does not enter the mainstream scene set by Hollywood standards of the U.S., Canadians will never see their own movies being recognized in the vast global market of films. The Canadian style of story telling and filmmaking does not have to change. We as an independent nation should see Canadian films for what they are and not how the American film industry has made us enjoy the big-budget movies that are released every week into our film market. What does have to change is people s perception towards our own films through changes by the government by adding more for funding. What also has to be changed is the CRTC act, which has helped the Canadian music industry with their rules and regulations. Maybe then, will the promotions beset upon Canadian films and their stars and makers be recognized, understood and appreciated by the people south of the border and the Canadians of our home and native land.

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