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Through distant past and upcoming future,

Though boundless infinity and confining reach,

Past vast oceans, over majestic mountains,

Through dense forests of knowledgeable growth,

Heaven?s cry will be heard.

Whether it be the echoes of times forgotten,

Or the echoes of man?s thought,

Heaven?s cry will be heard.

Whether it be the gurgling of a distant stream,

Or a rockslide near the peak of a mountain

Whose ancient name is all but forgotten,

Heaven?s cry will be heard

For heaven created us all. And in doing so,

Share?s with us all a minute portion of its splendor.

In all acts of kindness, compassion, joy and wisdom,

That tiny part of heaven?s splendor is shown.

Yet for some, heaven?s splendor is not string enough.

Not strong enough to destroy the cancerous growth of hatred within

And for those few, I say this:

Heaven?s cry will be heard, just lend an ear to listen.

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