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Ethics In America Essay, Research Paper

New York

?Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of the least of my brothers, you did for me.? Matthew 25:40

The poor, the sick, and the children. These are the three most vulnerable groups in our society and in upper Manhattan?s Washington Heights neighborhood there are plenty of them. It is a predominately Dominican neighborhood and most of the inhabitants are of the lower class. Life is hard with few of the advantages and luxuries to which we are accustomed. It is in this setting that the new service project to New York City led by Mr. Andreassi will take place.

Ten to twelve students will travel to New York and will stay at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs. From here they will be sent out like the apostles in groups of two to locations throughout the city. However, unlike the apostles they will not be teaching but learning.

?What I hope students take away from this trip is a sensitivity for the vulnerability of different groups in our society,? says Mr. Andreassi. Through their service, students will experience the vulnerability of these groups first hand as they interact directly with those who need them most. Students will be called to share their love and time in a variety of projects including spending time at a daycare center with AIDs afflicted infants and children, working at a soup kitchen, tutoring at an elementary school, lending a hand at a cancer hospital, and visiting a senior citizen home. In addition Mr. Andreassi is planning to take students on some fun day trips in his hometown, such as visiting Yankee Stadium or West Point.

By Matt Ginivan

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