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Romero Essay, Research Paper

In the movie Romero, Archbishop Romero changes very much in his understanding of love and in his understanding of true conscience. At first Romero is just a priest who isn’t really concerned about the poor and how they are being oppressed, but when Romero is chosen to be the new Archbishop his friend, who is assassinated, I think has a slight impact on him. But I think when his friend is assassinated is when he really starts to realize what is happening to the country of El Salvador and how the government doesn’t want anyone to speak out about this. So, now Romero is starting to action against the government and tries to speak out against them. Here we see Archbishop Romero’s true conscience and love grow for the people around him because we see him taking more action against the government. I think that Archbishop Romero defines love as helping others who are in need and others who need his help whatever it may be. We see Romero do this when he starts to lead the revolt in trying to tell the El Salvadoran Government to stop oppressing the poor and treat everyone as human beings. I think Romero has to make a very big decision considering, the gorillas were sending out flyers that said “Be a Patriot, Kill a Priest”. The decision that Romero had to make was whether or not to help the poor or just be a puppet for the cardinals that selected him to be a puppet in the beginning. I think the thing that made Romero choose to help out the poor was the love he had for them. I also believe that it was the right (moral) thing to do whether he would have done what he did or not. It wasn’t right for the rich to richer and the poor to just keep getting poorer. Romero made a really important decision when he decided to help out the poor because he now became an enemy against the government. Romero grew immensely throughout the entire movie, his love for the people and his conscience (soul, ego) grew as well. Our notes tell us that love requires work it is not just a feeling you have.

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