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Richard Cory Essay, Research Paper

In the poem ?Richard Cory? by Edwin Arlington, the theme of the poem is just because a person is rich does not make that person happy. When Richard Cory goes down town every person on the pavement looks at him. Somehow Richard seems to be a gentleman all the time and Richard is always clean and slim. Quietly arrayed Richard walked and he always talked like a human. Remarkably Richard always ill uttered pulses when he said good morning. When Richard walked he glittered. Extremely rich, Richard was schooled in every grace there was on earth. Everyone thought Richard Cory was everything and everyone wanted to be in his place. As everyone worked, they waited for the light. Constantly they cursed the bread and ate no meat. On one calm summer night Richard Cory went home and shot himself in the head. In conclusion just because a person is rich does not make that person happy.

by eric

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