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How Does Fitzgerald Describe The American Society Of The 20s Essay, Research Paper

??????????????? Fitzgerald describes the

American society of the 1920s as being superficial and ?artificial?, where

everything is false and made up. Just as the whole book itself, the people in

it give an appearence but then, we get to know what they?re really like. We may

get the impression of it being a a love story, but deep in its theme we find

out that it is not that; it?s a social satire. Fitzgerald is trying to reflect

how people from the time behaved and critizises their uncontrolable love for

money, which is often confused for ?real love? in the novel. ??????????????? The 1920s were a time of

opportunities in order to earn some money and succed socially and economically.

The desire for achieving the upper class society is what confused Gatsby after

all. He thought he loved Daisy but, really, what he loved was the money behind

her. He, even, says once that Daisy?s voice sounded like money. He?s anxious

for having her but not just because of her, also because he would be definately

bunched in that arrogant society to where he wanted to belong, and Fitzgerald,

through Nick?s eyes, critizises so much. ??????????????? Nick, instead, is a listener and

he manages to stay apart from this impressive heuteur that blinded Gatsby. He

has the quality of being able to observe everything without getting emotionally

involved. Even his ?love? for Jordan is not very talked about, maybe because it

was a vague relationship which he knew, wouldn?t take anywhere (?Jordan was

rotten and empty inside?). He realises this, especially when he observes the

impersonal way with which she treated Gatsby (although she took advantage of

his generosity in parties) and how she remains unaffected after his death. ??????????????? Gatsby?s death, this is only

time where Nick has emotionally played a part in this society, and it is for

Gatsby. He knew Gatsby was alone behind the protective wall he tried to build

by celebrating parties and he knew that Gatsby was just living free and letting

himself be guided by the power of money?s will. Gatsby had, once, been like him

so he could understand. ??????????????? As i?ve said before, these

people described in the book are not sensitive as they care about others, as in

Gatsby?s death. The repeated meaningless phrases that Daisy says (?Have you

ever been waiting for the longest day of the year and then missed it? I have

always been waiting for the longest day of the year and then missed it?) shows

she is as vacuous as any other and empty-minded. She just thinks about herself.

When Gatsby dies, instead of caring for him she hides behind Tom, who protects

her, s that she doesn?t get mixed with Gatsby?s criminal past that will now

flourish through the newspapers. It was alright to go to his parties and have

fun (?these people who accepted Gatsby?s hospitality and paid him the subtle

tribute of knowing nothing whatever about him?), but when the time came were

they had to show their real friendship towards that person, they disappeared in

order to maintain their name clean and a good reputation amongst the wealthy people. ??????????????? Appearance is very important in

this society. Gatsby appeared to have many friends at parties but the reality

is that he didn?t know anyone at all, and Nick knew this, but not all? the other who attended the parties. There?s

a scene where we are pointed out that he had a library with many books but he

hadn?t read one yet. They were there to make him look educated. ??????????????? When Daisy says: ?I did love him

(Gatsby) once, but I love you (Tom)? to tom we realise that she?s with Tom for

convenience. To gives her a name, protection and wealth, whereas Gatsby

wouldn?t. When she meets Gatsby at Nick?s house we see she?s very in love with

him; but when the time comes where she has to choose, Gatsby?s sudden wealth is

defeated by Tom?s reputation. Because the imaginary rules of the upper class

state that there must be wealth AND a family name going back for over

generations in order to be recognised and respected. This is a fact that Gatsby

forgot when he invented himself. At the age of 17 he re-invented himself and changed

his name because, as he thought, that would give him the starting point to a

nes life but he forgot that the pats cannot be changed, no matter how much

effort you put into your future. ??????????????? At the end, Nick went back West

because he was fed up of watching cold-hearted people living empty lives and

knowing that they?re condemned to live a futile existence for the rest of their


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