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Prescription Drugs Essay, Research Paper

In a recent article, an MNBC correspondent brought up the issue of high prices

on prescription drugs. Many of these drugs are special vitamins, as well as

supplements that certain peoples bodies lack and need and are forced to buy.

This poses a financial problem. If this were to happen in both Canada and the

United States, many families in both countries would suffer severely for this

medical reason, a reason they shouldn?t have to pay for. In some aspects, this

is selfish of the government. By leaving these drugs to be overpriced, the

government is basically turning a blind eye towards the fact that many of these

people are having to spend an extra thousand dollars, maybe an extra thousand

dollars they don?t have. The prices on these drugs could easily be regulated,

but, as stated in the article, the money that these companies receive goes

towards research and cures for the treatments these people are receiving. So it

comes down to health care. Should the health care system pay for these? While it

would solve problems, it would also produce them. People with privatize health

care are settled, they put in a certain amount of money each month, and they get

these medications along with the system. If a common health care system would

pay for these drugs, two things would occur. First, the health cares budget

would go down. Not just a little, but it would plummet. Health care coming out

of taxes would not be enough, and as a result, taxes would be raised. This is

probably the last thing people want. Secondly, many, many people would go away

from the deal much richer. Basically, it?s like asking for everyone else to

pay for their problems. So who?s to blame? Nobody, really. You can?t say

it?s a persons fault for being sick and requiring medical help. Also, you

can?t expect everyone else to pay for them to get better, a lot of people

can?t afford higher taxes, and it?s punishing them. So it is a problem with

difficult solutions, but the best solution would be for the government to limit

the high prices of these drugs, but at the same time, put more and more money

into research for finding a cure for these illnesses. This would solve both

problems, and with the budget in both Canada and the United States, this

wouldn?t pose too many financial problems.


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