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The Causes of the Civil War

Boom! The sounds of cannons are roaring through the smoke filled

sky. War has begun, the North and the South are clashing at each other

and hundreds are being shot down by the minute. What has started all this

commotion? The North are fighting to abolish slavery and to pass a law on

high tariffs. The South on the other hand are fighting for slavery and to stop

the high tariffs. Those were some amongst many causes of the war, the

main reasons that caused them were economy or the way of life, political

factors, and slavery.

Economy was the way of life, it was a main cause of the war because

it involved trade, slavery, and high tariffs. The North wanted railroads

made only in the North for trade and growth, they wanted the South to pay

for some of it too, even though the tracks wouldn t go into the Southern

territory. The South thought this was unfair and they didn t want to pay for

something that wasn t going to include them. Another big problem were

high tariffs. The North were avaricious, they wanted to pass the law on

high tariffs for imported goods so that the South wouldn t buy from the

Europeans and would by from them. The South were enraged and did not

want the tax. Slavery was also a big issue because the North wanted to

abolish it. The South s economic system was based on slavery and cotton so

if it was abolished it their economy would collapse. This was just the

beginning of the cause of the war.

Political factors were long debated by the North and South. For

example, the North and South would argue over who the free territories

would go to. Now the South thought that Congress wasn t fair because the

North had a larger population which meant they had more representatives.

This was significant to the South because the North could easily pass a law

or change something if they had more votes. The South feared that the

North could pass a law abolishing slavery or make a high tariff and they

din t want that to happen. This is probably why they threatened to secede

from the union. The territories were a big problem because the South

wanted to spread slavery and the North did not. This was all a big dispute

and it was another big cause of the war.

Slavery was the biggest issue and it was said to be the cause the

whole war. Some say if slavery never existed then there wouldn t have

been a war. The North thought that slavery was flagitious and heinous.

They wanted it abolished because the South were treating slaves horribly.

The South relied on slaves and cotton those two things alone were their

lives. Without slaves the South would have been nothing because no one

wanted to pick cotton and if there was no one picking it there wouldn t be

any business in foreign countries. The South knew if they didn t have

slaves the whole southern confederacy would have collapsed.

Though there were many causes of the war the most important were

economy, political factors, and slavery. Slavery was however stopped,

slowly and inevitably, the South lost and approximately 600,000 people

died in the war on both sides. Could all this, the war, the dispute have

been prevented? Is it a fact that if slavery hadn t ever existed then there

wouldn t have been a war and everyone would live in peace? There is

enough evidence to show that it the Civil War could ve never happened but

what would life be like?

If I could change one thing about my life to make it better, I would

brainwash my parents because they are mean to me and they expect to

much out of me. My parents think I should be a genius, they want me to be

the top student of Harvard.

If I could brainwash them I would make them encourage me and let

me do things my way. Also, if I did something bad I could try to learn from

my mistakes instead of being scolded or hit sometimes.

this is what I would do if I could brainwash my parents

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