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Violence In Schools Is Directly Related To Parenting Essay, Research Paper

Ms. Henry

English 110

MWF- 9:00

Violence in Schools is Directly Related to Parenting

Violence in schools is a growing problem in the United States today. This effects not only the students, but also their families, the surrounding community and the nation as a whole. There could be many possible causes of students lashing out against their peers. One reason could be their parenting or family life. This is the reason that I have the biggest problem with because it can be so easily fixed.

I believe that the way someone is brought up at home greatly effects the way a child acts towards the world. If a child does not receive enough attention at home, he or she might act in such a way at school that will give them attention. Usually, the easiest way is to act badly so they get attention, even if it is negative attention. If parents do not show love or neglect their children the child might act up. I believe that if a child is an outcast at

school, it is directly related to the parenting they receive. Most of the kids that cause violence in schools are outcasts with very few friends.

Another reason I think parents are to blame for school violence is because parents buy guns. A child could easily obtain a gun if their parents keep one in their own house. When guns are not properly hidden or locked up a child could take a gun from his own house and bring it school.

The reason I think that parenting has a lot to do with school violence is because I believe that parents and family have a big influence in a child’s life. They are the people the child grows up with and is expected to teach them right and wrong. Obviously, if a child or a teenager goes to school one day and plants a bomb or brings a gun something has went wrong with the parenting. This is because parents teach their children morals, give them love, attention and a feeling of self- worth. Poor parenting can be so easily fixed. All that it takes is for a parent to show that he or she cares for their child.

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