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Racism 2 Essay, Research Paper

Today s society and the society that Richard lives in are plagued with a confusion called Racism. Racism is a behavior performed by the Caucasian country towards the indifference to someone that doesn t look or act like the majority inhabitants. Racism commonly took place during the civil war to determine whether or not slavery would be legal in the United States or not. Racism still takes place today. Some examples of groups or clans that are racist are the Ku Klux Klan and Neo-Nazis.

In the present, any acts of racism is enforced by the law, and if the crimes committed with a racist intent caused the punishment is more severe as if it wasn t. You don t see that much racism anywhere today, but there still some out there. Commonly, people stereotype different races for what they re race is known for. For instance, most black people are good at basketball. Most of the NBA is full of black people. Stereotyping can be non-offensive, but sometimes it can be bad. Black people could be seen as gangsters or thugs because of the type of clothes they wear or the way they talk. Society commonly draws to conclusions that this race is bad, but this doesn t happen all the time.

In Richard s time, racism was everywhere. The white people stereotyped the black people in every negative way. They called him a nigger which is very disrespectful and they also though he was able to do the things the white people wanted him to do. Like when he was asked if he could milk a cow. Another act of racism during Richard s time is when a competitive liquor distribution killed Richard s Uncle because his liquor was selling better than the white peoples. This was done out of jealousy, and hate towards the black race. When Richard was delivering papers, unknowingly, the Ku Klux Klan published the paper. There was also a magazine published by the Ku Klux Klan that Richard enjoyed reading. The newspaper however was everything racist. The newspaper has a picture of what Abraham Lincoln would look like if he was black, and I would figure that it s pretty insulting to black people. What the Ku Klux Klan is trying to explain through the paper is that black people could never be the President of the United States.

There is still racism that took place in the past that s still in the present. Some people look at people like judging a book by its cover . An assumption could take place especially on a black person because they are commonly known for their obnoxiousness and crude language, but this isn t all black people. It s bad that one person automatically make these assumptions because not everyone is like how they assume. It s the bad example of their race that set the bad example for their whole race. Some assumptions are that society expects certain skills or behaviors out of a certain race. For instance, black people can be mistaken to talk abnormally or behave obnoxiously. This could lead to the conclusion that this black male or female is not capable of working. Well, not all people assume this but there are some. It should all be based upon resume.

Therefore, racism is the confusion from one race of another on how they re supposed to act. People can assume things but they ll never know unless they actually interact with them. People shouldn t expect anything out of anyone or stereotype negatively towards their race. Racism needs to stop, because it s just bringing people down.

Rob has many responsibilities at a young age. He has to help his father with most of the chores around the farm and take care of animals. Rob has to do chores everyday; he also has school to attend to. Rob entered manhood when he was responsible enough to go to the Rutland Fair and walk Mr. and Mrs. Tanner s ox. Rob was given ten cents to spend on whatever he wanted from his aunt, and since the pig was dirty, he had to buy a bar of soap in order to get his pig clean. Rob could have spent this money on something else, but he decided to spend it on his pig. He cared for the pig so much; this is a great example of how Rob entered manhood. He chose to spend his money on his pig rather than his needs. Rob was so anxious to get the pig ready, while cleaning it, he threw up from the scent of manure. Rob did such a good job cleaning it, and got it to stay for the judging. Rob s pig got the well-behaved award for getting his pig to stand still for the judging.

When Rob got home, he immediately showed his parents the award he got for his pig. He was really proud of himself, and he made his parent s proud also for getting an award for something he cared for on his own. Then Rob went to bed. The reason why Rob s going to Rutland Fair is his entrance to manhood is because his father despises Rutland Fair. Rob also put work before play by walking Mr. Tanner s Ox in the fair instead of enjoying the rest of the fair. He also put in his support towards his prized pig before his own wants. After Rutland Fair, Rob had to do double his chores because his father did his for him.

The two biggest things Rob had to be a man about was the death of his father and his pig. His father worked so hard on his farm and to raise rob to help him take care of the farm. His father tried to make everything easier for his family, and to support it in anyway, and now that he is gone it s all up to Rob. This is hard for Rob, because he s still a boy, but he s very mature for his age, and he also knows a lot of things for his age. The loss of Rob s pig was hard on Rob because it was a gift from Mr. Tanner from birthing one of his cows. Rob raised this pig from a little piglet and he took the best care of it. He even got an award for best-behaved pig. The sad thing was is that he had to help his father kill the pig because there was no food for his family to eat and his father couldn t kill a deer. It takes a lot of manliness to go though someone s death, especially at Rob s young age because he s never experienced it and doesn t have enough experience to cope with it. He is very mature for his age, and he is always doing the best to support his family.

Therefore, Rob entered his manhood when he proved to his family that he could go to Rutland Fair and not only go there to help his neighbor s show off their ox, but to show off his pig as well. Rob shows that he s a man by doing his chores everyday and helping people with anything he can do. He is neighborly and has lots of love for his family.

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