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John Doe Essay, Research Paper

If you find the other part(s) to this book then contact me, I can

be found on many US and UK Boards and on internet as


A lot of this @{i}information@{ui} is only of use to Americans but I’m

sure you can find a way of performing the same sort of things here in

the UK.



Oops don’t you know how to use Amigaguide then? Dopey aren’t we…



Harmful additives are a formidable weapon against machinery, people, and

processes. Additives perform one or more of the following:

1) Corrosion…sulfuric acid, for example, will corrode the gutter, eaves, and

downspout of a home; dumped salt will mar a building surface or floor and

kill a lawn.

2) Contamination…copper salts will rot rubber products; soap in a public or

corporate fountain will create giant foam. Or put it in a steam boiler if

you’re more serious about the matter.

3) Abrasion…introduction of light, coarse materials, such as resins, to

automotive fuel, or metal filings placed in the gears of industrial

machinery, will create frictional havoc.

4) Impurities…adding sugar to gasoline greates harmful carbon from the

burning sugar, stopping the engine.

Soaps and detergents make wonderful additions to food and could even be

beneficial if the target happens to be constipated. If not, then soap-laden

munchies or drinks will really keep him moving.

During my stay as an invited guest of Uncle Sam I recall some dirty

tricksters’ making an action statement against being in KP. They liberally

coated various pans and cooking vessels with GI soap. They washed mugs with a

lot of soap, then neglected to rinse them before letting the utensils dry.

Later, when some drinkable potion like milk or coffee was poured into the mug

by some unsuspecting mark, the soap was activated. Whoosh!

Soap is also a very effective additive to containers in which food is

prepared. The secret is to disguise the taste. Various other additives will

do that and other tricks.

A horny old pharmacist, Doctor Frank Pittlover, claims there really is a

working aphrodisiac. His is almost as esoteric as the fake stuff you read

about in men’s magazines. Here’s what Doctor Pittlover says: “It’s known as

yohimmbine hydrochloride (C21, H33, O3N2), an obscure sex stimulant that

operates on the central nervous system. It was the aphrodisiac used by the

CIA in their MK/ULTRA scam.” It is not on the Central Substances Act list

–yet–and it is classed as a “veterinary aphrodisiac.” That means you can

get it openly from a pharmaceutical supply source. What you do with it after

you get it is probably your own business.

There are other references to and uses of additives in many other topical

areas of your revenge…many more than could be indexed here.

“Take tea and see” is a good advertising slogan that should also alert

the dirty trickster to some additives brought to our attention by herbal-tea

producers. Two common products of many herbal teas have side effects that the

trickster could define only as delightful. First, some teas contain the

leaves, flowers, and the bark of senna plant, a tropical shrub related to our

bean plant. The dried leaves, bark, and flowers of this plant are a mighty

powerful laxative. Chamomile flowers are also popular in herbal teas.

Related to ragweed and goldenrod, chamomile can produce severe reactions in

people sensitive to plants of that family.

The trick in both cases is to obtain extracts of both products and use

them in concentrated enough additive form to create the desired effect.

Meanwhile, from the other end, Doctor Christopher Garwood Doyle has a

prescription that could really get amark moving. Syrup of ipecac is a common

purgative, easily available. Here’s how Doctor Goyle uses it.

“Your mark is with you or your agent somewhere having a few drinks,” the

doctor outlines. “Presumably, the mark is drinking something sweet and heavy,

like rum and Coke. When the mark goes to the bathroom or is otherwise out of

the area, mix one tablespoon of syrup in ipecac in with the drink.

“You now have a fifteen-minute waiting–or escaping, if you prefer–

period for the mixture to get active. After that, bombs away! The mark will

begin violent projectile vomiting, which really messes up the nearby

environment and anyone else who happens to be the way.

“We first did this in medical school, using to get back at a classmate

who’d turned us in to officials for having an after-hours party in our dorm

with women and booze. They threw the book at us because we were supposed to

be mature medical students.

“The student who did this fancied himself as a real boozer,” Doctor Doyle

explained, “but he really was a hell of a hypocrite about it and really played

pious when he turned us in. So we figured he who tattles about booze shall

also toss his booze.”

Doctor Doyle reports that this additive will work easily with

non-alcoholic drinks, too. He says the secret is to select a carrier drink

that will hide the taste and consistency of the syrup.

Another good remedy for a hotshot is cascara sagrada, made from the dried

root of a thorny shrub found on the American West Coast. It produces violent

diarrhea. Once, Joe Kascaba introduced some cascara sagranda into a mark’s

orange juice. The mark was with his girlfriend and her parents in their

family car. He had the “juiced” orange juice about ten minutes before getting

into the car.

Kascaba reminisced, “The stuff’s fast acting, and we were lucky to have

the girlfriend’s brother as our ally, to report the action. It hit the mark

about six minutes into the trip, and in another minute he didn’t even have

time to yell for them to pull over. He just started letting go with loud,

wet, explosive bursts.

“This is all in full witness of his girlfriend and her family in a

tightly packed auto. He couldn’t get stopped, either. They took him to a

hospital, but by then the additive was through his system and the storm had

subsided. That surely is super powerful stuff.”

Kascaba explained why he had taken action this explosive action, saying,

“The guy was a real creep. He was always trying to make out with other girls,

and since he wasn’t very smooth, he used to get them drunk. This was always

with other girls, of course–his regular girlfriend knew nothing about all of


“Well, one night he pulled this crap on a friend of mine, got her drunk,

messed around…she got this feeling all guilty and emotional, then got sick

–puked, in fact. He thought he was macho stuff and gave her hell for it.

“We figured if he was going to act like such a *censored*…well, I’m sure you


The above trick is suggested to be used in such a place so that your mark

can not easily reach a bathroom within a few minutes after the attack hits.

This will cause him to literally *censored* his pants and drip at the heels.

As a final note, Kascaba says not to use this powerful additive with

older folks, because it weaken them to the point of very seroius medical

complications such as dehyrdration which may kill them. Have some respect for

the elderly, think of your grandmother!

The following trick is technically a substitution and not an additive: I

know of one person who visited her mark’s home and emptied the hair

conditioner out of his bottle, then poured Neet hair remover into the

conditioner bottle. She knew that Operation Substitute was a bald success

when she saw her mark in a local store several weeks later, wearing a large

scarf on his head.

Vinegar makes a great substitute for nose drops or in nasal-spray

devices. One especially nasty person also suggested it for use in eye drops.

I’m not sure about that one though, sight’s a precious thing. You’d better

reserve that one for a very deserving person that shot your dog, wrecked your

computer, busted you for phreaking, etc.



Arrange to have a friend meet you at the terminal gate when you deplane.

Give your friend your baggage claim checks and have him/her retrieve your bags

from the carousel, then leave the baggage area with your bags. Before your

friend leaves the airport with your luggage, be sure to get your claim checks

back. Then, you saunter over to the baggage area, spend half an hour waiting

for your bags. Ask some clerks for help, then report your “missing” luggage,

showing your claim checks as proof. Very few flights ever have a clerk

actually check the baggage and collect claim checks. It’s foolish, but they

don’t. Make a polite, but firm scene and demand satisfaction. Normally, the

airline people will have you fill out a form and they will attempt to find

your luggage. Obviously, they won’t find it. Bug them some…write them

letters. Soon, you should get a good settlement from the airline. Don’t try

to pull this one on the same airline more than once!

Leaving the airlines and aiming for the individual mark, you can do a lot of

personal damage. For instance, if you find your mark is going to use airline

travel, you could call and cancel the reservations.

You might try to slip a couple rounds of pistol ammunition or a switchblade

in to your mark’s pocket just before he goes through the metal detector at the

airport terminal. You could also slip some drugs into his pocket at the same

time. Read a book on pick pocketing to note the technique for doing this.

It’s quite easy. Leave accurate-looking, but totally bogus hijack scenario

plans, bomb diagrams, or orders of battle for terrorist attacks in airport

bars and restrooms. This fires up both the rent-a-cops and the real security

people. The security delays and resultant hassles with passengers create

unhappy people who are angry at airports and airlines. Naturally, the blame

for these plans must focus on your mark. If he has really been bugging you

it’s about time to get even!

Leaving the airlines and aiming for individual mark, you can do a lot of

personal damage. For instance, if you find that your mark is going to use

airline travel and there are only a few travel agents in town, you could call

until you find the correct one and cancel the reservations. Or if you know

the name of the airline, call their office and cancel the mark’s reservations.

You might try to slip a couple of rounds of pistol ammunition or a

switchblade knife into your mark’s pocket just before he goes through the

metal detector at the airport terminal. You could also slip some drugs into

his pocket at the same time. Read a book on pickpocketing to note the

technique for doing this. It’s quite easy since you are placing stuff back.

Bill Cutcheon sometimes poses as a Moonie, Hare Krishna devotee, or other

cultist and goes to airports. His goal is to act like a completely obnoxious

fool. He really hams it up, usually getting tossed out after totally grossing

out the passengers. The heat, of course, falls equally on the cults and on

the airport for letting “them” behave like that.

Another Cutcheon stunt is to leave accurate-looking but totally bogus

hijack scenario plans, bomb diagrams, or orders for terrorists attacks in

airport bars and restrooms. This fires up both the rent-a-cops and the real

security people. The security delays and resultant hassles with passengers

create unhappy people who are angry at airports and airlines.

Naturally, thew blame for these plans must focus on the original

perpetrator of Cutcheon’s problems. He says, “If some nut group’s been

hassling me for money, messing in my neighborhood, or otherwise being

obnoxious, I’ll leave evidence to pin the hijack or bomb rap on them. I got

back at a motorcycle gang by doing this once, after they had sideswiped

my truck and refused to pay damages.”

He also explains that this is a good vengeance grabber against an airport

facility that has offended you.

Mitch Egan of San Francisco doesn’t like cultist panhandlers harassing

people at airports, so he founded the Fellowship to Resist Organized Groups

Involved in Exploitation, or FROGIE. Egan and his friends use those little

metal clickers shaped like frogs to ward of religious solicitors.

According to Egan, thousands of people across the country are now armed

with the little metal frogs, and when a religious panhandler approaches, they

whip out the clicker and “Click, click, click!” the pest away.

“In San Francisco, I saw two hundred people clicking away at a Krishna,”

Egan remarked. “They blew her right out of her socks.”

He adds, “If God wants a dollar from me, he can ask for it. I’m not

against religion, but I’m fed up with organized beggars.”

Relief is just a click away.

I knew a chap who became annoyed at a Krishna who followed him out of the

Indianapolis airport, verbally abusing him for not making a contribution.

Having surreptitiously “armed and primed” himself, our hero suddenly stopped,

whipped around, and pissed all over the startled harridan. After the few

necessary seconds of attack, he calmly replaced himself, zipped up, and walked

away. A bemused security cop nearby tried to hide his laughter.



If your mark is an oily cuss with a credibility problem you should easily

pull off this stunt. It involves a cop, reporters, SPCA folks and some farm

animals. Call the police and tell them you know about a cock or dog fight

that’s being held at your mark’s home. Explain that you have no morals

against animal fighting but you lost big money there last time and think the

fights are fixed. Next call your mark and report to him that some people

are holding dog or cock fights on his property. Call the reporters and SPCA

and tell them all about the fight. Mention that your mark and the cops have

a payoff relationship. Give everyone the same general arrival time, never be

too specific. Hopefully, all will sort of show up at the same time. You might

manipulate things so the press and animal lovers show up first. Even if a

real story doesn’t develop, you have scattered some strong seeds of distrust.

If you want a stronger story, find a dead dog on the road or something and

plant it near by and tell the reporters and SPCA where to find the evidence.

It will be fun to hear your mark and the cops talk about everything to the


Dead animals are very useful. Wait until your mark goes on a trip and will

be leaving his car or house empty for several days. Get into the car

or house and stuff very large and very dead animals everywhere. Your mark will

probably have to sell his car and fumigate his house when he returns.

If you are bothered by big dogs chasing you just take a good quality

plastic water pistol and fill it with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Shoot

the furball right in the eyes and it’ll soon stop the canine harassment.



Your mark lives in an apartment? A squirt or so of Eastman 910 or a

similar type glue into the lock can screw up the mark’s trying to get back

into the apartment after an evening on the town. It’s best to save this one

until late evening or on a weekend. Of course, this same stunt would work on

a house, but an apartment lockout disturbance causes more of a public scene.

If the mark’s apartment is an older building with wooden door frames and

you can work quitly and quickly at night, you can lock him/her in the

apartment from the outside. Quietly fix a hasp and keeper on the door and

frame using wooden screws. Then slap a padlock on the new fixture. It

creates a great deal of frustration if that door is the only way out of the

apartment. Do it late Saturday night so the discovery is made on Sunday

morning when it’s impossible to get help.

Run a classified ad offering to sublet the mark’s apartment. You can

list either the mark’s telephone number or that of his/her landlord. As

usual, make the contact hour for very early in the morning “because of

shift-work schedule.”

You might want to make a “milk run” to the mark’s apartment very early on

several mornings and place a whole bunch of empty booze bottles outside his or

her door. This works well in ritzy apartments where the neighbors are snobs.

How do you get by the security people? One way is to pose as a delivery

person, a service person, a building inspector, or someone on a work crew.

You can also hire an accomplice in the building, or you can bribe the door


Suppose you are the victim of a nasty landlord who evicts you for no good

reason. There are lots of legal ways to get your tenant’s rights, but there

are also many quasi-legal and illegal ways that are much more fun. For

example, you could simply “sublet” the place, on your own, to a bunch of

dopers, bikers, drunks, hookers, runaways, or twenty-four-hour party throwers.

Make this extracuricular subletting your going-away surprise.

Another person I know went to the local animal shelter on several

different days and got a total of fifteen cats for twenty-five dollars. He

bought a bunch of cat food and a bushel basket of fish, and filled his bathtub

with water for them. He then nailed every window and door shut from the

inside before crawling out the tiny casement window in the basement. He had

previously nailed the basement door shut behind him. Obviously, he had moved

his things out several days previously. His eviction notice was effective the

next day, but the landlord didn’t check on the house for five days. My God,

what a mistake that man made. To say that that cat house was an uninhabitable

mess is an understatement.

Tim Carroll was tossed out of his apartment by the landlady because one

of Tim’s many lady friends stayed over for the whole entire evening. This

upset the old biddy who owened the building, and being a staunch, God-fearing

charter member of the DAR, she canceled his lease and ordered him to leave the


Displeased with the abitrary and unilateral treatment and the upheaveal

caused by her dubious moral judgement, Tim didn’t get angry; he got even. He

had a trusted friend place a large sign in a hallway window of the landlady’s

apartment building. The seventh-floor window faced a busy business street,

and the sign was quite visible to many hundreds of people.

The sign read: TIM CARROLL SUCKS.

The landlady didn’t see the sign, so two days later, Tim’s friend

positioned another sign, this time in a sixth-floor-hall window.

The second sign read: TIM CARROLL IS A FAG.

The landlady saw both signs and removed them. Two days later, she got a

letter from Tim, with a picture enclosed showing her building with the signs

easily visible. The letter was Tim’s complaint about personal slander and

harassment. He asked her please to desist.

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