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There are some people out there who are genuinely great people. Sometimes it is easier for me to pick out the negative in others. It was impossible for me to do that when I met Brendon John Collins. He was beaming with beautiful qualities. After a few days I came to adore just how silly, loving, and ambitious he is.

For a grown man Brendon is the silliest I have ever met. My co-workers would crack up when they found the all too familiar post-it notes Brendon left laying around. Scribbled on them were, “Pumpkin pooter puss nutmeg spice,” or other words he made up. I never know what is going to come next when he walks into a room with his mischievous smirk. Sometimes he will just screech, “pumpkin bear,” in a high pitched voice. My audience favorite is the ‘raptor’. Tilting his head he runs toward you with his toes pointed outward. His tongue slipping in and out of his mouth like the large reptile is his potraying. His eyes bulge. He screams in his best dinosaur voice. As he gets closer he points and bends his index and middle fingers. His arms and hands hanging like hooks he pretends to slash whatever is in front of him. Everyone who has had the pleasure of seeing the ‘raptor’ always requests it. He never fails to make me laugh.

The most significant thing about my boyfriend is how loving he is. He goes out of his way to make everyone around him feel entirely loved. Animals love Brendon. Sophia, his cat had her kittens on his lap. She obviously felt extremely comfortable with him. Volunteering for the Spaniel rescue he took care of many dogs. If their teeth were in poor condition he would make sure their teeth got brushed. He would be very gentle with dogs that were shy. Loving each one of them just the way the needed to be. Brendon has always made it clear to his family how important they are to him. Jeffrey, his father is having surgery on his foot in early March. Without hesitation Brendon took a week off of work and bought a plane ticket to Washington D.C. Whenever his dad is going through a hard time he is there showing his support. He never fails to do the same for his younger sister Casey. For one thing he is invariably there when she needs him. Casey phoned Brendon last year about a man harassing her. Brendon hoped in his car for the 5-hour drive to Southern Virginia. He arrived at her high school before the last bell had rung. He had a talk with the guy harassing Casey, he gave her a ride home. Only then to get back on the road, returning home in time for his commitments. Certainly I feel the comfort of Brendon’s love. We met early last year. I lived in San Rafael. He lived in Washington D.C. We racked up long distance phone bills and traveled back and forth. I flew out to spend my birthday with him. The early morning came when I was to fly the 3,100 miles back to San Francisco. Parting from each other was always sad. It felt like the worst option. “I am going to give you a ride home,” he concluded. Two and a half days later we both arrived in California together. Being loved by him always makes me feel remarkable.

Being fiercely ambitious, Brendon is always striving to better himself. At 15 he beat a nasty heroin addiction. Isolating himself from his family, he had been stuck in addiction for a few years. He knew he was worth more and fought for a better self. After detox center he went into a program for a year. Now 7 years later he shares his experiences with other teens. Hoping his experience will help others. More then anything he wanted to play music. He is so ambitious he moved all the way across the country. His band was going to move too, but never showed. To most that would be extremely discouraging. That didn’t slow Brendon down one bit. He was just more determind, doing everything he could to progress. He does not give up.

Brendon has so many wonderful traits. I know I am biased because I am his girlfriend. His family and friends are very fond of him. Anyone who spends a few hours with the guy will feel the same way. Brendon John is an incredible man.

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