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Genetic Engineering

I personally think that genetic engineering could be an excellent thing. People should be able to go as far as they can and do anything possible. Diseases could be avoided. Slow metabolic rates could be avoided, which result in overweight people. High and low cholesterol could be avoided. People wouldn?t have to be deformed and look like mutants. People would be more intelligent. The number of scientific advancements would sky rocket. Injuries could be avoided, bulletproof skin could be an option. Hair that its ends will not split or fall out. Fingernails that will not chip or break. Teeth that grow in strait would eliminate the need of braces. Perfect eye sight would end the hassle of eye glasses or contacts.

Soon a parent will have to decide whether or not they will genetically engineer their children. This will effect their children?s lives and their way of life. This also is not something that will be available to the low income class. Those people will simply become “lab rats” to earn money and sense they already have problems they will just be bothered with more because they are not as wealthy as everyone else. After all, someone has to be a test subject for the supergenius.

It would be an even better thing if starting tomorrow everyone genetically engineered their children. Life would be harder for the low income classes but it would be better for the middle and upper classes. Overall in my point of view Genetic Engineering is a great thing.

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