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A great number of teenagers and young adults have a body piercing. These can range anywhere from your belly button to your tongue. There are many effects it can have on you socially, or physically. This essay will describe the social aspects of body piercing, this includes first impressions, types of friends, and job prospects.

First impressions are important to many people. To some individuals body piercing may seem frightening or intimidating. The person with the piercing may be treated differently in a store. They might be watched more carefully to prevent shoplifting just because of this piercing. Some sales clerks might do this because they got the impression the customer was dangerous or suspicious. These presumptions come along with other physical traits such as race or dress.

Social groups come in many types. People with body piercing might be accepted into a group or rejected from one because of it. Some might assume because of the piercing the individual would automatically fit in with the group. This assumption might be related to the fact that the musicians the group listens to also have body piercing. The exact opposite also holds true for those who would be rejected from a group because of the piercing.

Last, and most importantly body piercing may affect your job. There have been controversies over facial piercing in fast food restaurants. Also, if you are taking an interview

and you have a visible piercing the interviewer may feel intimidated or think negatively toward you. The company may have a policy against piercing. They may make you seem immature or irresponsible. Some people feel they are a form of self-mutilation. Therefore, the employer and/or interviewer may think the applicant has no respect for his body. Mostly subconsciously employers are biased about such things as piercing. There is no science to it, and the only way to avoid this bias is to either remove the ring or not get it done. Body piercing is not frowned upon everywhere though. Certain stores may search for a certain ?look? which may include piercing. One of the most common places to find employees with piercing would be at a tattoo parlor or piercing location.

In conclusion, stereotypes tend to attach themselves to piercing and whether the pierced individual likes it or not they will be judged. Every day we are judged by everyone, including ourselves. In return we also judge others. It is mostly subconscious, yet still evident. This is one of the many downfalls of society and no one can control it. The only solution available is to surround yourself with people who are similar to you, by living and working where every physical, and mental aspect of you will be accepted.

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