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The Unknown Truth Relating To The Matrix Essay, Research Paper

Is knowing the truth really the answer to total happiness, freedom, and unlimited possibility for the human race? On one hand, there is the matrix, which provides a world of different sceneries, cultures, traditions, and occupations for human life to partake in. On the other, there is the truth of the real world, in which every one should have the opportunity to experience. The whole movie is based on Morpheus train of thought. He believes that if he can find the one who can destroy the matrix, then all humans can be freed from slavery and live in the only city left in the real world, Zion. What if Morpheus real intentions of finding the one were different from what he explains in the film? Morpheus can then be seen as a man jealous of his non-existence in the matrix with only a few others sharing his loneliness. Suppose he realizes that he can only live in Zion when the matrix is destroyed and that he cannot live in the matrix because he has already experienced the truth. Therefore he realizes that he is stuck between the only two worlds, and his only chance to live happily is to destroy the matrix. He selfishly chooses extraordinary computer hackers to enter the real world in hope that he will find the one that can end his own unhappiness, but also in turn end the worlds happiness. So, unlike the movies portrayal, the matrix can also be seen as the endless opportunity for anything to be achieved or pursued. Why should one man decide whether or not it be taken away. The world given in the matrix is large enough for everyone living in it to survive. The city Zion, on the other hand, has no chance of holding the world s population. In addition, what if this real world isn t ideal for the majority or just isn t what we want or expect. If the choice between knowing the truth or continue living in ignorance was offered, I would take the ignorance pill and live the life I am living.

Near the end of the film, Agent Smith explains to Morpheus how humans are comparable to viruses. When we overpopulate a certain area and/or drain it of all natural resources, we just relocate and do the same, over and over again. So what happens when the matrix is destroyed and the human race enters the real world, finding Zion? No matter how large the city, Zion has no chance of providing adequate living conditions for the worlds population. It is pointless to show everyone the real world, freeing them from artificial intelligence, if they will end up fighting each other to survive in a single city. Maybe Morpheus already has a way of predetermining the minute portion of the population that gets to live in the city and who is forced to live on a ship like he has for so many years. Either way, only a chunk of the world will be able to survive on Zion, meaning that overall the population as a whole suffers. In a world even as big as the matrix, there is still trouble keeping human battle at a minimum, but at least in the matrix everyone has a chance to survive.

If we disregard the fact of not being able to fit on Zion for a moment, there is still the possibility that this city is not ideal for everyone. If we ruin the matrix and get stuck with a city that is not as good as the fake world then there would be mass chaos. One example from the movie to back this claim is the discussion of food that takes place in the cafeteria on the ship. The team explains to Neo how the Artificial Intelligence chose which foods tasted like what when they made the program. This means that there really is no difference in the matter we eat, just a different form, color, or smell that our brain projects. It is hard to imagine that anyone does not have a favorite menu item at a restaurant, or the one snack that hits the spot. In the real world this whole concept of food is diminished, which leads to questioning about all other senses. If there is only one type of food eaten in the real world, then what else is monotonous, bland, and boring? Conformity is not bad in some cases, but if everything in Zion is identical then I m not sure if the human race would appreciate the real world at all.

Our country has turned into a place of independence, where people do their own thing and very concerned with time and getting things done. Our businessmen get right to the point and don t even bother with small talk. They say only what needs to be said and want a straightforward answer. Other countries differ and may be completely opposite of our way of living. We have a democratic government and completely different laws than the rest of the world. How can anyone believe that when all these unique countries are forced to live together in one isolated town that any happiness can develop? Aside from this, we don t even know what type of dominant religion or government exists with the current inhabitants of Zion, which will lead to conflict with one or more countries from the matrix.

Neo says that by destroying the matrix he will bring us freedom from the system formed by the artificial intelligence. There is no need to set the race free from slavery if it is unknown that we are not free. No one in the matrix program realizes that they are constantly used as an energy source for the enemy, which makes the enemy not so much an enemy anymore. The artificial intelligence has provided the human race with an illusion of a world that humans can adapt to quite easily, and at the same time benefit themselves. The setup in which the artificial intelligence has instilled is mutually beneficial for both races. Without the sun neither race would be able to survive due to a lack of energy source, so the artificial race has provided really the only possible way of mutual survival. The idea of the matrix being a system that keeps us from endless possibility is ridiculous. The matrix is an environment just like Zion would be, but with more variety and space to evolve. Even though it is an illusion, humans have adapted to any restrictions it has just as a dog adapts to domestication. Morpheus should not be the god-like figure that can offer this truth, because the truth could be devastating and threatening to mankind. As Cypher says, Ignorance is bliss, he follows up by wishing to be someone famous and rich. The matrix already does provide that opportunity of the optimal lifestyle, but we don t know if the truth can even compare. The problems of environment reduction, loss of variety, and chaotic intertwining of different countries are far too great and unappealing to risk losing the broad and unique world we already live in.

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