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In an important speech, oral delivery is key, ingredients to oral delivery are tone, volume, rate, enthusiasm and clarity, how

well you deliver these aspects determines how well your speech is received. A good example of all of these in a package is

Brad Ames. Brad had flowing smooth sentences, while speaking with ease, as if he was truly having a 2 way conversation with

the audience. His volume was not too loud, not to soft, it was clear and not overbearing. His attention grabber, or how he

brought people into his speech, wasn’t as good as it could have been, but it was still good. A bad example of these things was

Mike Gitner, he had a bit of a bumbling frightened speaking tone, with no enthusiasm and too inconsistent of a tone. The

attention grabber is also an important element to the speech. The attention grabber is the first thing people hear, and normally

how they judge the speech. The best attention grabber I heard was probably my own, not to be self centered, but i felt that if i

combined statistics and repetition into one, I would have good results.

In the first 30 seconds of meeting someone, people make their judgments about people, even if you CANT judge a book by its

cover, people do. Non-verbal delivery is just as important as verbal. Pose, the way you carry yourself, posture, eye contact,

all these elements play a key role in your speech. A good example of excellent non verbal communication was Lily, she stood,

not stiffly, but comfortably at the podium, made frequent eye contact, and used her notes only as reference, and used them

sparingly. A bad example of this I thought was myself, i did not make enough eye contact, because when i actually said the

speech out loud, it sounded different, and I panicked. I think the reason for this is lack of correct preparation. I didn’t read the

speech out loud, and it wasn’t the same as going over it in your head.

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