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Good versus Evil

The central conflict in this epic is battle brtween good and evil. For years,

Hrothan and his men had feared Grendel’s attack. It looks as if evil was being victorious.

Grendel the monster from the under the world had terrorized Herot and eaten many

Hrothgat’s bravest warriors . The representative of evil delighted in being fear and

missing to those who were good.

Grendel represents evil by being selfish and destroing the creation of God. Since

good always triumphs over evil, Beowoulf the national hero comes to Herot to free the

palace from evil. Beowoulf shows qualities of a hero in all of his actions . He choose,to

battle arm in arm with no weapons with Grendel. He struggle a great deal and finally

pulls Grendel’s shoulder out of a socket.

Just one good deed did not drive away evil threats. Although Grendel died in his

lair, evil threatened Beowoulf and Herot when Grendel’s mother makes an attack to

revenge the death of her son. Again Beowoulf faces danger in order to protect his people.

He dives into the frery waters to battle Grendel’s mother, struggles with her and finally

defeats her with the magical sword.

Representin good, Beowoulf thanked god for protecting him and letting him kill

Grende’smother. After 50 years, Beowoulf fights the fire dragon. Although he is

phisically weak.. Representing good, he stil posses pride , honor and courage . Heis

defeated, fatally wounded.

Beowoulf asks that his body be cremated and a light house build to guide the

sailors and protect the from evil. The ligh house will replace him as a protector of men. In

this way Beowoulf can help men in death just as he had helped them in life. this is a true

display of good.

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