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Job Shadowing Essay, Research Paper

I selected to job shadow my mom actually because I couldn?t find anyone to shadow in the career that I wanted, so my only other choice was to do my mom. I wasn?t really too interested in doing that job at first, but that?s what I needed to do. I spent my day watching and helping my mom checking out stock systems and how it works. I was also able to use the office equipment. I wore nice black pants with a nice sweater. We left the building for lunch, and went somewhere else to eat, like my mom does a lot of the time. During the interview, I asked her the questions, and she answered, explaining as she went along, and I was not able to catch it all. So I learned a whole lot about the job by doing the interview. I left at about 2:00 to 3:00 (I am not too sure exactly when) because my mom had some important work she needed to do, that I really couldn?t help with. My favorite experience that day was actually finding out how stocks work, saving money, and information like that.

The work area where I went was inside a building. The employees aren?t alone; there are other people?s desks near by. This job is certainly not hectic and tense, its more quiet and clam. Sometimes people are walking by, or come in to talk to them though. There are a lot of glass windows, whether it for looking outside, or into the more private office, there is quite a lot of glass, and desks are scattered throughout the building. Some of the equipment used is copy machines, fax machines, and printers. There are computers and phones on the employee?s desks. By shadowing my mom, I learned a whole lot about trading and selling stocks. I also learned how the employees have to deal with clients that have problems or questions about their stock. So I know what kind of skills I need, and what I have to do to be a stockbroker. This experience of job shadowing won?t really impact my future career decision, because although it was a good and informational experience, it?s not really the kind of career I want to do when I get older. I do think this was a valuable program for junior high school students. I think this because the students should be able to visit the job they think they are interested in to make sure it is something that they like and want to do. Then if they find that out, they can take classes as early as possible to get them started taking classes having to do with that job, or for that job. So yes, I do think it is a valuable program.

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