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English 9 – 2January 11 , 1999 What Freedom Means to Me When I think of freedom I think of courage. In order for us to receivefreedom our country has gone through a great deal of courageous fighting towin the battles that most of us take for granted. If our forefathers hadn’tfought we might live in a world where there was a ruler, and we would not beallowed to make up our own minds. Many people have courage to speak out forwhat they believe in. I have so many choices in my life with which I could become somethinggreat. All I need to do is learn and get an education, which ,so many places gowithout. We have many freedoms in our country, which were granted to us by theConstitution and because of this many people would give up everything they

have ever worked for to save our country. They would help in any way thatthey know how, That is a choice that they would be able to make. Most peoplewould want to give something back to this country because it has given us somany opportunities. So many people in this world suffer from being underfed and not caredfor. However, the United States is not like that at all. In fact we try to helppeople in foreign countries because we have so much more than we need. WhenI look at an underfed child, I realize how much more I have and how rich I amwith food, clothing, shelter, and most of all people who love me. Many peopledon’t have that, and I am so lucky that I do. All of these things remind me of freedom, and I would do anything for mycountry to save it from whatever lies in the future.

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