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Cody Russell

Prof. McClenagan

Engl. 1301.07

October 31, 2001

i- mO-sh&n

Staring down the massive stair gap, appropriately named the Leap of Faith, a tidal wave of emotions hit me. My concentration shaken by this aspect of conciseness, know as emotion, but I shake my head clearing my mind. I begin to run, then throwing the board underneath my feet and roll toward the fourteen-foot drop. I jump pulling the skateboard with me. As I fall threw the air the emotions I try to avoid come flooding back, but this time in a different way. I land, hitting the ground surprisingly easily and roll away, having felt an ultimate rush of adrenaline and emotion. Skateboarding is a great sport that brings forth many emotions. But what is an emotion? Is it Love, hate, fear, anger, or any arousal of feeling? Or is there more to emotions than that?

The essential definition of emotion is any specific feeling; or any various complex reactions, with both mental and physical manifestations. Emotion is a part of human nature that even a small child posses. Simply, emotions are feelings. Take the example above. As I assess the gap and prepare myself feelings of fear, anxiety, and worry interrupt my concentration. And as I am in the middle of the jump, feelings of excitement and calmness overwhelm me. These feelings and the way they affect a person, together, make up emotion.

Emotions are not just feelings one has within, but most emotions will be conveyed outward, as a form of non-verbal communication. The old saying rings true actions speak louder thank words emotions are also a way of communication. For instance when a person feels upset or sad, they may cry. If a person is excited or happy they may smile. Many types of emotions are displayed in this way of communication.

Without emotion many profesions would not exist. Emotion allows people to perform certain jobs or tasks. Lets take art for example, true art is created by ones harnessing of emotions and displayed with a particular media. Emotion in abstract art is the center point of the creation. Without emotion fuelling the artist the work means no more than a two-year-old s scribble. An actor can not act unless he or she puts himself or herself into the part. They must experience the emotional state of the character to do the job well. Just like an artist a musician shows emotion through music. Many other careers or hobbies require emotion in order to be done successfully. This is also true in many other aspects of life. For instance a person can not even carry on a conversation without emotion.

The basic definition of the word emotion is complete in just one to two sentences. Though, it is much more complex than that, and to fully understand the word you only need think of how you could live your life without emotions. Then you will understand how important they are. If a person tells a joke, and the listener has no emotions not even laughter or smile would be conveyed. Emotions are the key element to non-verbal communication; a smile, a frown, a laugh all are displays of emotion. Emotion allows people to perform certain jobs or tasks. Many careers require emotion in order to be done successfully, from the arts to physicology. Every aspect of your life is affected by emotions. What would your life be like without emotion?

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