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Directing Concept:

Tennessee Williams A Streetcar Named Desire brings reality to a woman in desperate need of attention. In the production that this design team will put together from the lights to the set will be created a colorful outlook on life from the view of Blanche DuBois. In Stanley and Stella s little place, their colors of life such as red, orange, pink, blue vanish when Blanche comes for a visit . The happily married couple s bedroom suddenly is gray and without color, especially every time Blanche is hysterical. This is one of Williams greatest plays even though there is a touch of dreariness and depressiveness. Outside the French Quarter (the outside world), everything is absolutely beautiful gorgeous colors of green and blue all around and sunrises/sunsets that blend a multiple of shade of pinks, reds, and purples together. Stepping into the home, the colors are there but not as bright. This symbolizes how Blanche s lies and deceit fade the lives of Stella and Stanley. She may light up a room with her amazing energy and stories but that is only because she steals the magic of the colors to make herself look angelic.

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