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Filippo Brunelleschi Essay, Research Paper



Filippo Brunelleschi

Fililppo Brunelleschi was born in Florence, In 1377 he had an

intrest in architecture and prospective painting. He was really good

at many things, but he was mostly intrested in those two things.

During his career as an architect he accomplished many things

such as finishing the domes of Cupola of Saint Maria De Fiore. He

liked architecture because it fitted both his skills designing and

prospective drawing. He had alot of accomplishments and some

failures, such as when he entered and lost the famous design

competition of the bronze doors of the Florence Baptistery. Fillipo

Brunelleschi was a great architect, he was also a great prospective

artist. During His career as a prospective artist he executed two

paintings now lost, probably between 1415 and 1420, and he is also

credited with paintings the architectural borders in one of Masaccio’s

early work.

Before Filippo Brunelleschi was a great archetict he was born

the second son of Ser Brunellesco Di Lippo lapi, a Florentine notary

and the son of Giulana Spini. Filippo also trained as a goldsmith and

sculptor. Filippo’s trail panel depecting “The Sacrifice Of Isaac” was

the high point of his carrer as a sculptor. Fillippo switched from being a

sculptor to a architect because he lost the competition of the bronze

doors. Filippo Brunelleschi was important to the renaissance because

he designed , built and finished many buildings. He also sculpt ” The

Crucfix of St. Maria Novella” which was very religious. Filippo was

a great engineer because he loved the challenge and loved solving

problems for example when he had to figure out a way to build a

dome which had certain needs for it to withstand its enormous weight

and the weather.

Filippo Brunelleschi had an intresting career and early life, He

was really important to his time because he designed, finished and

built many buildings.

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