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Days Of Heven Essay, Research Paper

Days of Heaven

Days of Heaven:

- Director Terrence Malick

- Screenplay written by Terrence Malick

- Cinematography by Nestor Almendors

- Music by Leo Kottke and Ennio Morricone

- Production Design by Jack Fisk

- Costume Design by Patricia Norris

- Film Editing by Billy Weber

- Production by Bret Schneider and Harold Schneider


- Richard Gere as Bill

- Brooke Adams as Abby

- Sam Shepard as The Farmer

- Linda Manz as Linda

- Robert J. Wilke as The Farmer Foremen

Days of Heaven Is the story of a group of Migrant Workers who are searching for a good life that was never meant to be. The movie tells the life of Bill a Migrant Worker, his lover Abby and his kid sister Linda. The story is told through Linda s eyes. Bill finds work at a farm where he and the other two work for a wile. The farmer falls for Abby. Bill sees this as an opportunity for a better life. This is where the movie goes through the problems that occur and so on.

The movie is somewhat slow paced. A person would need to have some patience and a good appreciation for movies, to real enjoy the movie. One would need to really pay attention to the film to know what is going on. At times it is very easy to get lost on where the movie is going. Although, the story is told through Linda, so we only know what she knows and thinks is going on.

The story line pretty much stays to the main topic. There are a few times when the film will show things not pertaining to the main plot. Yet, this may be done to give a better since of what is going on at the time. This is done to better understand the character and what is going on around them at the time being.

The visual effects of how it was in that day and time were terrific. The scenery of the farm next to the train track shows a good description of what the country looked like in that time. The costumes also added a great deal to the move. They showed how plain the clothes back then were compared to today s clothes. The clothes depict of how unsanitary and hard life was to live back then.

All in all I enjoyed the movie. It wasn t the best movie, but definitely one I would recommend seeing. It has a good storyline that doesn t wander too much. The visual effects of the day and age are great. The costumes are also a great feature to this film. The acting is pretty good, but is definitely not the best thing about the movie. If one is into action of comedy only it s not a good movie to see. However if one has a higher appreciation for film it is a great movie to see.

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