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War Measures Act Essay, Research Paper

War Measures Act: 1942

As the Wong s were lead away from their house the general in charge was promising the family that they were only doing this as a precaution and that their house would be there awaiting there return when the government thought it to be appropriate. But Mr. Wong knew differently, many of his friends had already been asked to leave their houses and promised the same as Mr. Wong. He had seen what had happened to all of these friends houses. Many things of value stolen and sold. There wouldn t have been such a problem with that except that these families whose life possessions had just been sold would probably not see a cent of this money.

Though this is a fictional story it was produced to portrait how Japanese Canadians were treated during the war. Though the government had the right intentions in their hearts it was not appropriately handled and ended up being one of the Canadian government s biggest mistakes ever.

The government thought that since they were at war with Japan that some of these Japanese Canadians could possibly be spies or informants. This is a weird assumption due to the fact that some of these people have never even been to Japan let alone talked to some kind of Japanese spy service.

Though the government could never turn back time to fix their wrong doings on September 22, 1988, then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney announced that the Canadian government would pay $21 000 to each of the estimated 12 000 surviving Japanese who had been interned.

Though we try to undo our wrongs and try to fix the mistakes but Brian Mulroney said it best when he said .no amount of money can right the wrong, undo the harm, and heal the wounds.

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