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Capital punishment is the killing of a killer. The act of capital

punishment is wrong and useless and I have few reasons why. When a murderer

is executed or shot by lethal injection it costs almost twice as much as a

criminal sitting in jail for 20 years. Another reason this is a very bad

concept is because capital punishment encourages murder. Lastly no matter

how sick and demented these wretched beasts are, they still don’t deserve to

be denied their right to live.

Capital punishment is not a smart idea for the prisons who put it into

effect. The execution of a prisoner too much money, which is unnecessary to

spend. If we keep killing all of these felons, we’ll quickly run out of

money, simply because of this wasteful act. The money that is going towards

the execution and the supplies are coming from your tax money. The more

people the government continues to kill, the less money will go towards

things we really want and need.

The authorities are encouraging murders because of capital punishment.

In just about every society world-wide murdering is wrong and should have

strict punishment if done. Yet this law is clear to all Americans; capital

punishment is contradicting it. The government says killing is only

justified under certain circumstances, in which some convicted felons fall

under. This is sending a message to the public that if it’s under certain

situations killing an individual is perfectly all right.

In conclusion, capital punishment is overly expensive, encourages murder,

and is simply wrong. This act of murder effects everyone for the worse. It

should end, right now. Finally it is wrong to kill, no matter who it is or

what they have done. The authorities are stating to our society, "If you

kill someone, we will kill you." They are being as unjust as the felon did

in the first place. Therefore no one but God should be at the power to

choose when a fellow human being should deserve to be put to death.

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