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Bla Bla Essay, Research Paper

1. I?d like to begin by saying that everything that you just heard about the success of gun control is FALSE. Case and point: Washington D.C. Since 1976, the District of Columbia has had the country?s most extreme gun control laws. NO civilian may BUY or CARRY a handgun, nor may ANY gun be kept loaded or assembled in a home for self-defense. YET, Washington has one of the HIGHEST homicide rates in the country. In 1992, the Washington Post conducted interviews with 114 inmates in D.C.?s Lorton Prison who had been convicted of gun crime. 25% said STRAIGHT OUT that they would get a gun as soon as they emerged from prison.

2. If they say?

take away guns from the people (strict gun control)?

3. If they say?

Kids die from guns?

We?ll say?

I?d be VERY interested in knowing how you can put gun control into effect. Are you going to have the police ask 200 million Americans with a few hundred million guns which they probably paid hundreds or thousands of dollars for to just give them up? You certainly can?t go into people?s homes and search them for guns! That?s a blatant violation of the 4th amendment! And who will pay for this program? Taxpayers? I?d like to see that happen! Maybe the government should pay for it, since you are calling for stricter federal gun control; is a 4 trillion dollar deficit not big enough for you? Not only does gun control NOT work, but even if it did, there?s no way you can put it into effect!

We?ll say?

According to a report brought to light on WABC (770 AM), America has about 5,000 gun deaths of children per year. Comparatively, in countries like England, Japan, and others, with similar gun control laws (more or less ? they vary), there are only as little as 5 or 10 deaths of children due to guns per year. Clearly, guns are not the problem; maybe it?s television ? maybe it?s parents not instilling right and wrong values into their children ? it?s clear though, that guns are NOT the problem. Pages 66-71 in ?Opposing Viewpoints

4. If they say?

Gun Control is unconstitutional?

5. If they say?

Guns are a bad method of self-defense?

6. If they say?

Waiting periods will reduce the number of criminals who obtain handguns?

We?ll say?

?Roy Copperfield on the panel of ?American Heritage Dictionary? and ?Merriam Webster?s Usage Dictionary? and an overall expert on the English language: Opposing Viewpoints: pp. 88-91

We?ll say?

Goto: Opposing Viewpoints: pp. 114

We?ll say?

Goto: Opposing Viewpoints: pp. 159


In conclusion, you must remember what this debate is about. It?s not about whether GUNS KILL or whether it would seem logical to ban all guns. It?s really about whether the American people are willing to FORSAKE their rights from the 2nd and possibly 4th amendments, be taxed millions of dollars, and put faith in a fairy-tale cause ALL for something which doesn?t work and is impossible to put into action. It?s apparent that gun control works ONLY IN THEORY and would never work in the U.S. Increased federal gun control simply WILL NOT WORK. Thank you

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