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“What Freedom Means To Me”

Freedom. A right to which everyone deserves. Black, hispanic, Jewish, Catholic, and any other ethnic, racial, or religious group. Everyone is created equal and should be treated no differently, but most people did not see it that way for many years.

Before to long ago whites were considered to be the dominant color and race. As to blacks and any other kind. Many people were used as slaves and were considered animals. White people even stooped so low as to only count them as three fifths of a vote at some point. But blacks were not the only group which were unable to experience freedom. Jewish people were also freedomless during what was called, “The Holocaust.” Holocaust, which means,”fire that causes destruction,” has been used to designate the destruction of six million Jews by the Nazi’s during World War II. Not only were the Jews beaten, hung, and shot, and even burned in ovens called crematoriums. They were forced on death marches and were sometimes shot if they stopped. As the blacks and Jews once knew, they only could hope for a freedom which would relieve them from such nightmares.

The Ku Klux Klan, or KKK was an organization which expressed terror and propaganda against African Americans, Jews, and many other minorities. This group started long ago when whites were still believed to be the dominant race. They went around covered in white sheets and most often rode on horses. They were extremely racist and practiced violence among racial groups. Although in the United States, freedom is now practiced to all, which it is stated in the Constitution, in the the first amendment, but that does not stop still some of the forms of the KKK.

Freedom, a word which I believe in, is a word which others still disagree with. Even though the slaves were set free and the Holocaust was over with, and everyone was stated to be equal, others believe they are more equal than others.

So, when you ask me what I think of freedom, I simply believe it is something many worked for all their life who deserve it just as much as anyone else. It is the practice of equality among men, women, children, and any other creature. It is something we all must work at to preserve so it will last forever.

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