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Dce Essay Essay, Research Paper

Frodo relied upon his mental state in order to survive the onslaught of Mordor and ultimately fulfill his quest. Not only did he become smarter mentally but grew wiser and learned new things. Frodo tells Gandalf how he feels about big people (he thought all big people were the same, stupid.) Frodo says: ?For I have become very fond of Strider. Well, fond is not the right word. I mean he is dear to me; though he is strange and grim at times. In fact he reminds me often of you. I didn?t know any of the big people were like that. I thought, well, that they were just big, and rather stupid: kind and stupid like Butterbur ; or stupid and wicked like Bill Ferney. But then we don?t know much about men in the Shire, except perhaps Breelanders.? Pg. 267

Frodo grew wiser and more cautious of men. He began to realize there traits and imperfections, and in order for him to succeed in his quest he would have to be wary of them at all times. We later learn of Boromir a man who wanted to keep the ring and use it against the enemy. Frodo became aware that trouble may arise in the future with Boromir. The ring was to be destroyed so all evil in Middle earth could be vanquished. We learn: ?Frodo caught something new and strange in Boromirs glance, and he looked hard at him. Plainly Boromirs thoughts were different from his final words. It would be folly to throw away the ring of power? He had said something like this at the council, but then accepted the correction of Elrond.? Pg. 435

Frodo detected Boromirs intent was evil. Frodo was mentally sharp and detected danger. He knew that Boromir could jeopardize his quest and stop him from fulfilling his goal. In order to stop this he would have to display the same mental sharpness to avoid such calamity.

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