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Rainbow Six Essay, Research Paper

Rainbow Six

This book was published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons in New York, USA.

Copyright date is 1998. There are 740 pages in this book.

Thomas L. Clancy, Jr. was born on the 12th of April 1947, he is married

and lives in Maryland, USA. Clancy’s novels can be classified as

Military-Techno-Thrillers. He has written fiction and non-fiction books,

Rainbow Six is a fiction book. As for other titles, well there are just

to many to list, in total 23. Some books that he has written are The

Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, to list a

few. According to Clancy “Rainbow Six, is one of my all time


The book starts with a prologue that introduces us to the one main

character, John Clark, an ex-Navy SEAL, and two other characters,

Alistair Stanley the executive commander of Rainbow Six, and Domingo

(Ding) Chavez, the Captain of Team 2. There are two other insignificant

character introduced, Clark’s wife Sandy and his daughter Patsy, who is

married to Ding. Patsy is pregnant. The other main character is Dmitriy

Arkadeyevich Popov, he is an ex-KGB agent who is now working as a

special consultant’. He will become very important later on in the


Clark is the commander and in charge of starting a new European

anti-terrorist group called Rainbow Six. Rainbow Six is split into two

teams; Team 1 and Team 2. These teams are the best there is. They are

based in Hereford, England, but any European country can call on them at

any time. They run 3 miles in 20 minutes every morning at 6:00 am. Only

one team will be on-call at a time. The team that is not on-call will

be doing live fire practices. In the first 6 months of being in

operation they are called on three times which is a lot for this type of

thing. The first incident happens in a Swiss bank where terrorists have

taken control. They also have hostages. Team 2 successfully takes them

out, with only one hostage killed, but he is killed before they had

gotten there. The first mission helps them organize themselves and fix

a few holes in their planning.

The second mission is in Germany. An international trader is taken

hostage in his mansion/castle. This mission goes well too, thanks to

the snipers. No hostage deaths, but all the terrorists are killed.

After this mission is over they realize they should have a helicopter

and pilot on the team, this is done. The last mission that they are

called on in the book is in Spain, in a huge amusement park. Earlier on

in the book we hear a conversation in a french high security jail, with

the Jackal and his lawyer. The Jackal tells his lawyer he is sick of

being in jail and to call his friends and they would know what to do.

The terrorists at the amusement park are well prepared, but not well

enough to take on the Rainbow Six team. They take 30 children hostage,

and demand for the Jackal and several other prisoners release. One of

the major things that goes awary for the terrorists is that the Rainbow

six have a program that would disable all cellular phones. They vary

phones that the terrorists are using to communicate, with each other.

Once their communication is out Rainbow Six easily takes them out one by

one. They then take out the large group. Only one child is killed.

The terrorists do this killing to show they are serious. One terrorist

goes outside and takes a child that is in a wheelchair and shoots her in

the back. The team just had to sit there and watch. If they had

interrupted, they know more children will die.

In the meantime while this is happening, Popov, the ex-KGB agent now

freelance is hired by an American. Popov is hired to get people to do

the job in Switzerland, the bank taking, and the taking of the

international trader in Germany. The person that has hired him is the

president of a multi-national pharmaceutical company, that has access to

and deals with extremely deadly viruses, he is extremely wealthy. Lets

call him the Boss (sorry forgot his name). Popov has nothing to do with

the hostage taking of the children in Spain, that was the Jackal. Popov

is living in New York will he is organizing these jobs and flies back

and forth from Europe to organize them. After all three incidents

happen, Popov thought there was something weird about the way the take

downs went. So he started watching tapes of the take downs by the

media. He sees the same person smoking a cigar after each mission, he

puts things together and realizes all the take downs are done by the

same team. Popov tells the Boss, who, through his numerous connections,

one of them being Bill Henriksen he is the president of Global Security,

finds out it is the Rainbow Six team. This worries him because they

could get in the way of his ultimate goal. So he has Popov do one more

job, to attack Rainbow Six in their home base, Hereford,England. Popov

goes to Ireland where he knows some IRA people that would do this, for a

fee of course, 5 million dollars and weapons.

The IRA people decide to go after Clark’s wife and daughter, since they

are the easiest to get at, in the hospital they both work at. Their

plan works well, they take them Sandy and Pasty hostage and they get

both teams to come out and stop them. The IRA’s goal is only to take

out about 5 of the Rainbow Six team’s enough to disable them. Then they

have the same problem the terrorist in Spain did they used cell phones

so when Rainbow used there scrambler they started to fall apart. Some

of the IRA people tried to escape unsuccessfully and others stayed with

the hostages to use as bargaining tools. The physiologist on the team

was able to talk them into surrendering. No civilian casualties, but 2

Rainbow people where killed and one injured. Most of the IRA people

were killed except a few of them and, the leader he was badly injured.

When the leader was coming out of unconsciousness they managed tricking

him into talking and telling them who put him up to this. They managed

to track it back to Popov, but they could not find him, he was in New

York by now.

During this time, Global Security gets a contract from the Australian

government, because they are about to host the Olympics.

The whole point of the Boss having these operations done is to get the

Australians thinking they need a security consultant company to keep the

Olympics safe. The only problem is that the Australians have also asked

that some people from Rainbow Six be there. But the Boss tells

Henriksen to go ahead with the mission, which if successful, could mean

the end of human life on the planet as we know it!

This book ends with the goods guys winning, but you are sitting on the

edge of your seat for the last few chapters. The ending is slightly


This book was extremely well written, giving you clues as to what is

happening as it goes along. I found that character development was done

very well, you could relate to everyone, understand them and know what

they where going to do next. But what made this book great is the plot,

the way it slowly expands and just the main idea of the plot makes you

think, what if?

(If you want to know how the book ends read on, if not stop reading, I

will explain it in a few lines.)

The Boss and several thousand other people who know about this mission

are extreme environmentalists. They believe that humankind should be

wiped off the face of the plant except them, who will treat the plant

with respect. So they plant a deadly virus at the Australian Olympics.

But when Popov finds out what they are doing he goes right to Clark, who

tells his men in Australia and they make sure the virus is not

released. Then the Rainbow team raids the environmentalists compound in

Brazil and destroy it. Only a few hundred of the important radicals are

in Brazil. The important ones (leaders) left the compound in the States

(their main headquarters) for Brail when they knew the plan was not

going well. They knew something was wrong because they had not heard

from Henriksen who was caught trying to release the virus in Australia.

The radicals including the Boss was left totally naked in the middle of

the Brazilian rain forest. Because Clark knows they could never be

tried in any court for various reasons.

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