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Bodybuilding Essay, Research Paper


Prepare to make incredible gains!


History and Background Info

by C2C Jason Bennett, CS-28

Some info about myself:

I am a 21 year old cadet at the Air Force Academy. Born on 9 October, 1979. I have been training serious now since I was 15 years old. I have gone from 5′10″ 180 lbs @ 16% body fat to 240 @ 9% body fat.

Editor’s Note: That’s an incredible change in weight and body fat! 240 lbs @ 9% is HUGE at 5′10″!

I haven’t done any shows yet because I have too big of a workload at school and can’t get the time off to travel. I have an extensive knowledge on training, exercises, supplements, diets, etc. I am willing to help out anybody in any way I can.

Thanks a ton, looking forward to the results.

C2C Jason Bennett, CS-28

Fitness Club CIC



Getting Big While Creating As Much Striation as Possible – Here is how this works. This is more of a summer get big plan, while creating as much definition and striation as possible…

Getting BIG: Diet and Prohormone Cycles – Here is what to do to get big, follow it and watch yourself grow…

Injury Free Training – Weight lifting is catching with people like fire these days. It is one of the most important factors of staying healthy, lean, and holding a positive self image. I know a lot of people that would go insane…

Dieting – It is great nowadays that us humans have a million different varieties of food to choose from everyday to eat isn’t it. I mean, its great to wake up every morning and say “What a great day, what will I have for breakfast…?

Protein…what’s all the controversy about? – Lately articles fighting over whey or casein have bombarded us bodybuilders. Some say that casein is all you need, others say whey is all you need…

“How much ya benching?” – It’s the question people get asked all the time. Sometimes a 6′0″ 250 lb bodybuilder will reply “About 385.” Sometimes you get a 5′6″ 200lb powerlifter who replies ” a little over 500″ Who are you going to believe?…


C2C Jason Bennett, CS-28


C2C Jason Bennett, CS-28

Fitness Club CIC


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